Great part of the citizens enjoys during its labor day of few occasions to go to a cafeteria and to satisfy its desire to savor a good coffee. In order to correct this necessity they have been created diversity of machines of distribution automatic, able to offer the same quality that we found in a traditional establishment. He is habitual, nevertheless, that when visiting a company or office, at the moment that offers a coffee to us, year the postcript “ I feel it but he is of machine ”, giving to understand that its quality lets wish in front of the coffee of the bar. Although this commentary is generalized, the reality is that the coffee of automatic distribution does not have so that to be worse. In order to guarantee a good result a good machine with suitable maintenance is solely necessary and, evidently, a raw material, that is to say, a coffee of good quality. It does not have but secret.


Thus, the spending machines of coffee, it seems, that they have been those that have registered the most outstanding evolution within the sector of the Vending. In most of models, the beater of the soluble one has been replaced by a coffee group, from which, the worn out coffee is transferred to the erogación camera, where it even exerts a concrete pressure, which allows to make a coffee with remarkable quality, similar to which it obtains itself in hostelería traditional.

If the coffee were only provided there would not be greater secret and it would solely concern the quality of the used product. The certain thing is, nevertheless, that the white coffee and the cut one are the demanadados products in this type of machines. Therefore, before this reality, they enter game not only the quality of the coffee - at the moment the interest by the natural coffee grows, without torrefacto- but, coverall, of soluble milky ones.

This type of products is mixed with water inside the machine, after a previous and exact process of dosifiación. Next, and through it had of silicone, in most of cases, the resulting product falls directly to the glass, where one mixes with the coffee and the asked for sugar. This process includes as well a washing system that guarantees the hygiene of the product to consume.