It is in the tropical zones where the most propitious characteristics for the culture of the coffee meet. The coffee plantation demands a warm and humid climate, to constant temperatures. The temperatures average are located between the 20 and the 23 degrees Celsius and the precipitations vary between 1500 mm and 1800 mm per year.


The plantations are located in the mountain or plateaus for the arábica, or plains or plains for the Robust one.

The dimension of the operations is very variable (from the small farm to a great property). The coffee plantation coffee plantation is known him like “ ”. The used seeds are the grains of cerisa, still covered of their parchment.

The germination takes place at the beginning of the tenth week. The youngest plants put in conservatories. Ten months later, since they reach 30 cms, are buried with a space between and others of 2 to 5 meters.

Normally to bury the coffee plantations a cloudy and rainy day is chosen: the humidity allows to a better contact between the Earth and the roots. The most favorable time for the plantations is the beginning of the time of rains.

The culture of the coffee needs constant cares and a particular maintenance. In order to favor the growth of the coffee plants it is necessary to clear the grass, to carve the shrubs, to enrich the ground with compostas, to irrigate the barren regions and to treat against the insects and the diseases (roña, the pudrimiento by roots).

A plantation gives between 1000 and 4000 kilos of coffee by hectare.



ANGOLA: In spite of having very little production, in Angola a very smooth, ideal coffee grows to mix with other classes.
BRAZIL: It is the greater producer coffee of the world.Their better harvests are those than they produce the class , of smooth and delicate character, and the class , of more intense, perfect flavor to mix.
COLOMBIA: Country with ideal harvests to create different types from coffee.
COSTA RICA: In this country the arábica class next to the coffee plants of greenish fruits is harvested blue. This coffee tastes a high degree of acidity and very intense or very smooth, according to the type.Ideal to mix or to take single.
EL SALVADOR: Their coffees taste pleasant neutral with a moderate degree of acidity. In the zones of the plateaus a smooth and aromatic coffee is harvested.
ESPRESSO: Mixture of different coffees from the arábica type next to a small dose of the robust type (that provides an pleasant cream to him).Very toasting and of intense flavor. It has less caffein than other varieties of the coffee.
GUATEMALA: It produces smooth and aromatic coffees. In the plateaus, the coffee that is harvested is known by his bouquet.
JAMAICA: The variety it is appreciated of the world, by its aroma and smoothness. Much cannot be toasted, since it loses his delicate character.
KENYA: This type of smooth and acid coffee is ideal for prepares moka.
MEXICO: Their coffees have a bitter touch with a moderate grain of acidity.
MOKA: Mixture of coffees of arábica variety.It is of intense flavor, since it is put under a long time of baking.It has a high degree of acidity.
PUERTO RICO: Harvest coffee plants of great quality that produce a very smooth and aromatic coffee.
TOAST FRENCH: The coffee is toasted during long time until it acquires an almost smoky flavor.
TOAST VIENNESE: The coffee grains, normally of arábica class, are toasted during long time. This coffee is ideal for coffee pots of the French type.