Roasted coffee

Descaffeinated coffee

The coffee decaffeinated is green coffee which caffein has been eliminated him most of.This reduction of cafeínico content is obtained by means of an industrial process of extraction that maintains the conditions organolépticas of the raw material, within a specified rank.

Caffein is defined as the component physiologically more assets of the coffee and confers tonificantes properties for the human organism:

*Reduce the fatigue
*Aumenta the attention capacity *Disminuye irritability
*Mejora the state of humor and the general well-being



Instant coffee

Instant coffee is obtained by industrial extraction of the toasted and ground coffee.The extract of coffee thus obtained later is concentrated following one of the following methods:


Packed coffee

After the toasting, the coffee follows “ working ”. The wax and the fats that the grain contains age slowly, but they can become rancid. In addition, the grains oxidize by the contact with the air. This oxidation alters a grain coffee in 20 days, and a coffee ground in only 5. Therefore, the package does not stop being a determining factor as far as the quality of the coffee. Nowadays, the package to the emptiness is the norm, mainly for the worn out coffee.

One derives here, that the functions of the package are several:

a) To contain the product

b) To protect it of:

- Physical Deterioration (impacts...)

- Chemical Deterioration (water, oxygen, other gases, temperature...)

- Microbiological Deterioration (micro and macroorganisms)

- Possible adulterations (other products, aromas...)

c) To allow its manipulation, transports and storage.

d) To present/display it for the consumption.


Coffee with sugar

Torrefacto is a coffee to which, during the process of it toasts, it adds sugar to him in amounts that normally do not surpass 15% in weight. To the temperature that is the big drum of toasts, approx 200º C., the carameliza sugar and forms a film burned around the coffee.