General classification

All the producing countries do not classify the coffees on the basis of criteria such, but in general it is possible to be said that the classification becomes according to:


- Botanical Species (Arábica or Robusta)
- Altitude and nails of the plantation
- Method of treatment after the harvest (Natural or washing)
- Number and type of defects:
black and immature *granos
divided, wrinkled *granos
*presencia of woods, earth, stones
*presencia of dry cherries, rinds
- System of selection:
- So large of grains:
Sieves numbered based on the size of grains are used.
- Drink:It is defined;
natural washing or *sabor
basic *sabor (smooth, it last for better, hard, riado, river, river-zone)
complementary *sabores (afrutado, dirty, moldy...)
positive *características (body, aroma, acidity)
negative *características (fermentation, astringency, harshness)
- Color, harvests