The coffee, by its characteristics, is without no type of doubts, a product that needs a good package to guarantee the conservation of its better qualities. In the market they exist one complete range of these, made in diverse materials, different designs and several measures.

Sugar in bags

Individual doses of sugar in you exceed of 7 to 9 grams and universal application in all the situations where one needs to sweeten foods: tonificantes drinks (coffees, infusions), pastry shop, desserts of fruits, requesones, yogures, etc.

Sugar in bags with teaspoon:

Sugar packaged in you exceed individual of 8 grams of sugar with an incorporated agitator, who is adapted for all type of establishments: services of great consumptions (hotels, restaurants, self-service, etc), and services of smaller consumption (bars, offices, etc.) where a comfortable use is required, practical and clean.



Substitute of the sugar. Dietetic of low edulcorante action in calories and bags or individual tubitos of 1 gram appear normally in.


Chocolate, cakes and crêps

Chocolate: Individual chocolate tablets that appear with a coffee cup.

Cakes and crêps:Bathed cakes and crêps in chocolate for he himself described use previously.

Soluble coffee decaffeinated

Presented/displayed by means of individual bags of 2 grams in order that the client does not lose the dream, and it enjoys a good coffee the aroma and the cremosidad yet that have the best coffees.


Robust and functional cups of different characteristics. Models of great resistance to the wearing down in the market exist and are available in several designs and colors. The possibility fits ofing personalize the cups and plates.