Cult to the Coffee

Author: Yasar Karaoglu
Editorial: The ocean 2004 128 p. Castilian
Argument: This exquisite book is a trip to the universe of the coffee and its secrets. In addition to the exciting history of this product, the reader will know tricks practical the best cafeterias the world to improve his preparation.


The adventure of the commerce just

Author: Nico Roozen and Frans VanderHoff
Editorial: The Short cut (Mexico) 2002 Castilian
Argument: Approach to the phenomenon of Comercio Just. Analysis and reflections of both authors.


Dictionary of hostelería

Author: Jesus Galician Felipe and Ramon Peyrolón Melendo
Editorial: AMV 880 Editions 2004 p. Castilian
Argument: With all the words used in hostelería, restoration, tourism, gastronomy, etc..., including voices of the French and the English. One has become classic hostelería and a basic work of consultation extended totally in its last edition, being a new book that in addition standardizes the technical terminology of the hostelera industry.


Packaging of modified atmosphere foods

Author: R. T. Parry
Editorial: AMV 350 Editions 1995 p. Castilian
Argument: Description and the applications of the modern systems of packaging to the emptiness and in atmospheres of nitrogen, carbonic anhydride and other gases applicable to hostelería and the restoration (machinery for the packaging, films for modified atmosphere packaging, control of quality, prepared application to coffee, fruits, vegetables, foods, juices, wines, drinks, etc).


Cultural Forum of the Coffee

Author: Cultural Forum of the Coffee Technical
Edition: Edicat, S.L
Argument: Published informative magazine monthly for the lovers of the coffee written by an Association without profit spirit which was created in Julio of 1997. This association is formed by a group of people sensitized by the world of the coffee, that it tries to agglutinate, in a national scope, to all the lovers of this aromatic product to foment its knowledge.


Culture and Benefit of the Coffee

Author: Gabriel Go'mez
Editorial: Camacho publications (Mexico) 1998 Castilian
Argument: Extraordinary document where one describes to the practice of the culture and benefit of the coffee. The original edition of this work dates from 1894 and has served as base as multiple investigations related to this product.


The Best Of Coffee

Author: Sandra Cluck, Elizabeth, Watt Galloway, G.; Beer, J.
Editorial: Collins Publishers 1994 96 p.English
Argument: The best thing of the coffee: a kitchen book. With this suggestive title, Sandra Cluck and Elizabeth Watt they present/display an original prescription compendium in which the coffee is one of the main ingredients. Altogether 40 prescriptions of pies, cakes, ice creams, sauces and drinks several prepared with coffee.