A good cup

Ideal conditions of a machine express

The best cups of coffee “expresso” are obtained combining the good gentleness of Arábicas (Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica....) with the contribution of body of a small portion (10-11%) of best the Robust ones (Uganda).


Advisable cup

It must be of conical form.

It must be of heavy stoneware, that does not absorb too much the heat.

It must be dry and it warms up, to 40ºC to maintain the cream.


Mount the skimmed milk

1) To use cold, preferredly whole milk.
2) To fill the jar (metallic or of ceramics) with the amount of milk that is going away to consume, never surpassing half of the container.
3) To drain the steam lance.
4) To introduce the fuze 3-4 cm underneath the level of milk.
5) To maintain the jar and the off-center fuze inclined.
6) To open the steam.
7) To control the temperature with the hand.
8) To close the steam. 9) To extract the fuze and to clean it with a humid cloth.
10) To strike the jar to stabilize the bubbles of the superficial foam, breaking greatest.
11) With ondulante movement to spill the foam until the cup fills.


Treatment of the water

The quality of the water is fundamental for the obtaining of a good coffee. The calcárea water gives a hard and bitter coffee. Therefore, it agrees to use mineral water with low content of calcium (certain waters of spring), or running water purified by a descalcificador. Another solution consists of filtering the water in a container with removable filters. This process presents/displays the advantage to filter the scents and the impurities, at the same time that the water decalcifies. The professionals use generally an automatic descalcificador completed by a filter that eliminates the scent chlorine or ozone, particularly frequent during the warm stations, of the water “ of the faucet ”. A great always effective principle: the water does not have to really boil. A water on the verge of boiling is due to use, between 92° and 95° C.


Maintenance of the express machine

Daily cares:

* Control of the level of the water of the boiler.
* Cleaning of showers with a brush of rigid bristles (the water has to flow conically and of continuous form)
* Rubber cleaning of porthole with a brush of rigid bristles.
* Cleaning of small saucepans and portafiltros.
* Cleaning of the external parts of the machine with a humid floorcloth.
* Cleaning of the water-drainage tray.


The hand of the man

The hand of the human being will be the person in charge of:

*Selección and mixes of the different types from coffee.
*Almacenamiento of the packaged coffee.
*Limpieza of the hopper, dispenser and strawberries of the mill.
*Cambio of the strawberries.
*Cantidad of coffee to grind.
*Grado of milling.
*Dosis of coffee.
*Limpieza of the excess of coffee of the edges of portafiltro.
to *Vigilar pressure of the boiler and the pump.
to *Vigilar temperature of exit of the water.
to *Vigilar level of the water in the boiler.
to *Vigilar fall of the erogación water.
to monthly *Cambiar the water of the boiler.
to *Mantener the water purified, to change the filter.
to *Mantener the hot cups and portafiltros.
*Limpieza of the showers, rubbers, calcillos and of the machine in general.
*Limpieza of the vaporizer.
*No to burn milk.