Geographical distribution

The coffee grows in the strip between the Tropic of Cancer and the one of Capricorn, zones with warm and humid climates.The characteristics that define basically their qualities depend mainly on their varieties and their derives here, that next we shape the different varieties from the coffee:

Fruit of the Coffea Arábica with great grains, of elliptical form and with green-bluish coloration and scent to green. Caffein content between 0.3 and 1.2% in weight. Toasting develops well in volume, and in the cup it is an aromatic coffee, of excellent paladar with a buccal acidity that grows based on the height of the plantation. Producing countries in general the esteafricanos (Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania) and Central American (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Santo Domingo, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Salvador and Nicaragua). Used coffees to obtain quality formulas.

It varies of the washed Arábica in which its despolvado treatment of is made in absence of the water, for being this little one in the zones of culture. Thus for example in Brazil, India and Central Africa the drying of the cherry is made in great patios to the sun. It entails to that the grain is more yellowish. Brazil is the first producer with a 30% of the total number of harvesting. The green grain coffee is different from the washing by its color and cleaning and its scent is similar to the green grass. Ample flavors according to its origin.

Fruit of the canephora coffea. It was discovered after the Arábica, when not being attacked east coffee plant by the fungus Hemilea Vastatrix. Its origin is in general of African countries (Uganda, Cameroun and the Ivory Coast) and Asians (India, Indonesia and Vietnam). The tree is more resistant to the climatic canbios, but its production is inferior in quality and amount. The Robust coffee has a round, regular grain of yellowish brown color and with scent to dry straw. Caffein content between 2 and 4% in weight and its bitter flavor and sticks when paladar.

In rich water countries, once collected the coffee cherries robust, one treats them by routes humid, which favors the elimination of defects and the total disappearance of earth and stones that give to the coffee flavor to earth or to wet earth and the stone absence that avoid mechanical problems in the moturación. Coffee appreciated for the formulation of coffees gourmet with body and found mainly in Java, India, Indonesia and Nueva Guinea.

It is not a variety of the shrub, but a defective grain that is developed in the ends of the branches, when not obtaining the necessary wise person for its normal growth. It is a grain that grows on itself. Very it is appreciated by his paladar mature and afrutado, to the being a coffee that receives all the solar light and the water of rain.