Meaning of the coffee

The fruit of the “coffee plant” by its red color when he is mature, and its characteristic form receives the name of Cherry.This one last concept contains in its interior two hemispheric seeds, that is to say, two grains of coffee faced to each other by the flat part, and covered by a tegumento, a parchment, a pulp and a rind. Sometimes instead of two seeds it can appear a single one denominating caracolillo.


A coffee grain contains:
- Water: the grain of green coffee is constituted from 6 to 13% of water, the grain already toasted does not have but of 5% of humidity. The water evaporates during the toasting.
- The greasy matters: a grain contains from 15 to 20% of greasy matter
-Proteins: a grain locks up an average of 11% of proteins, of a this destroyed sera part during the toasting.
- Alkaloids: (it abridges organic which one is in whips) the main alkaloid is caffein. The arábicas coffees that contain from 1 to 1.5%, the robust one between 1.6 to 2.7%. The robust coffee gives a coffee more hard than the arábica.
- Mineral Matters: we found in small amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus within the grain.