Bucket elevator

A bucket elevator is a machine used to transport coffee beans to bulk vertically.

Main features

An elevator discharge must be in vertical or inclined orientation. Vertical lifts are totally dependent on the action of centrifugal force to direct the material into the discharge site and must be operated at a relatively high speed.

Almost all centrifugal discharge elevators are spaced buckets with rounded bottoms.

The first bucket elevators manufactured using flat chains with metal buckets spaced a few inches. Today they are mostly used rubber bands to plastic buckets. Pulleys are also used by several feet in diameter in both top and bottom. The upper pulley or driven pulley is launched by means of an electric motor.


The elements that comprise the machine are:

- A bucket for carrying grain.
- A string to move the bucket and thus the grain.
- A system for directing the movement of the buckets.
- Equipment for grain filling and emptying of the machine.
- Security systems and others.